Tokyo Day Trip for Standard Interests

24000 グループ計(税別)
6 人まで

Culture、History & Architecture、City

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Culture、Nature、Food & Drink

I’ll suggest most exciting spots to your favorites and interests, for example, a good unknown spot for cherry blossoms in spring or turned red leaves in autumn, an authentic tea ceremony at a historical tea house if you are interested in it and a best selected spot for a cat or owl café if you like it.
Please let me know your favorites and interests. I would suggest a most amazing plan for you.





Traditional Wedding Ceremony

Meiji-jingu Shrine

The Thunder Gate in Asakusa

Tuna Cutting


Meiji Jingu Shrine in Harajuku: the most popular Shintoism shrine in Tokyo among Japanese
Sensoji Temple in Asakusa: the most popular Buddhism temple in Tokyo among Japanese
National Guest House in Yotsuya: the former Imperial Villa
Imperial Palace East Garden next to the Imperial Palace: previously the Edo Castle for the samurai government
the outside market in Tsukiji or Toyosu Fish Market (on and after Oct 11,2018) : one of busiest fish markets in the world
Shibuya Crossroad in Shibuya: one of busiest crossroads in the world famous for the American movie “Resident Evil”
Tokyo Sky Tree near Asakusa: tallest in the world as a self-supported radio wave tower


This is a typical day trip in Tokyo.
Tokyo has been the capital since the early 15th century, so it has so many historic and cultural venues.
I'd like to introduce you to them eagerly.

You can choose your favorites among these venues.
You'll see how to pray particularly at Sensoji Temple and Meiji Jingu Shrine and experience fortune telling paper. And you can see a traditional Japanese wedding there if you are lucky.
At National Guest House you'll see extremely luxurious chandeliers, decorations and furniture.
You'll see large stone foundations and walls built 400 years ago at Imperial Palace East Garden.
You can experience a particular and lively atmosphere and have delicious sea food at the outside market in Tsukiji.
You'll see very crowded Shibuya Crossroad with people and take its pictures on the second floor of a building.
You can see Mt Fuji on the floor of the 450 meters height at Tokyo Sky Tree if it's fine.


含まれるもの guiding fee and guide's transportation fee to the meeting point in Tokyo 23 wards from guide's home
含まれないもの transportation fee for sightseeing (guests and guide, within 2000 yen each), lunch, dinner and entrance fee
ガイドエリア in Tokyo
出発エリア in Tokyo 23 wards
待ち合わせ場所 at your hotel in Tokyo 23 wards
解散場所 at your hotel in Tokyo 23 wards
所要時間 8
開始時刻 09:30 AM (recommended)
人数 6 人まで
価格 ¥ 24000 グループ計(税別)
その他 National Guest House, Imperial Palace East Garden and Toyosu Fish Market have holidays, so I'll manage this Tokyo Day Trip properly to your interests.
It takes about 3000 Japanese yen per person as the entrance fee at Tokyo Sky Tree.