Exploring Kyoto in Rakusai (West) and Rakuchu (Central)

8 hours
24000 グループ計(税別)
20 人まで

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Culture、History & Architecture、Nature






Kyoto is known as exotic sightseeing places and numerous historic, quaint old monuments are
seen all over the town. This tour covers part of Rakusei (West district) and Central district.
Visiting Rakusei, Tenryu-ji Temple represents the Kitayama culture. Nijyo-jo castle, Kyoto
Imperial Palace in Rakuchu (Central district) are the cultural center during Heian, Momoyama
and Edo periods.


Arashiyama changes its color from season to season and Sagano is a tranquil spot, beloved by
emperors and nobles. Bamboo grove make you feel romantic and become a movie star. A
shrine called Nonomiya-shrine built in the midst of grove, may help you find a partner for life
soon. Fantastic to walk a beautiful bridge, Togetsu Bridge and listen to the murmuring of the
Katsura river. Carefully maintained and preserved Bamboo grove is also a must-see-spot. The
head temple of the Tenryu-ji branch of the Rinzai Sect of Zen Buddhism has both a botanic
garden and a gorge-water garden, borrowed landscape from Mt. Arashiyama to part of the
garden. Tokugawa shogunate came to an end in this castle, Nijyo-jo castle in 1867 with the
announcement of hand over the authority back to the Experor by last Shogun, Tokugawa
Yoshinobu. Kyoto Imperial Palace was partly open to public from July 26, 2016 and is held
in high regard as a piece of Japan's cultural heritage. Nijyo-jo castle and Kyoto Imperial
Palace will tell you long historical tale in Kyoto from 794 to 1867.
1) Tenryu-ji Temple
2) Nijyo-jo castle
3) Kyoto Imperial Palace


含まれるもの *Guide fee, hotel pick-up fee in Kansai district (Kansai district = City of Osaka, Nara, Kyoto)
*Travel expense as required for the guide to travel with customers by means of public
transportation such as train, subway, bus. Travel expenses included are limited within Kansai
district. (Kansai district = City of Osaka, Nara, Kyoto)
*Admission fees, tickets for the guide as might be required at temples, shrines or the like
*Meals, drinks or the like for the guide during the tour
*Any tax or the like as might be incurred by the guide in Japan
含まれないもの *Fees to cruise river or sea or the like for the guide
*Tickets for Universal Studio Japan, museum or the like for the guide as might be required at private
or public entertainment facilities
ガイドエリア Rakusei (West) and Rakuchu (Central) in Kyoto city
出発エリア At your hotel in Kansai district
待ち合わせ場所 At your hotel in Kansai district
解散場所 At your hotel in Kansai district
所要時間 8 hours
開始時刻 08:30am
人数 20 人まで
価格 ¥ 24000 グループ計(税別)
その他 *Take your shoes off before stepping on tatami (Nijyo-jo Castle)
*Be quiet and respectful in Shrines and Temples
*Remove hats and sunglasses in front of main sanctuary in Shrines and Temples
*Not to touch old buildings, old remains and objects
*Not to take pictures where prohibited in Shrines, Temples, Castles and Imperial Palace


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Wonderful tour, informative and fun with Masahisa (aka “Mike”)

Couldn’t have asked for more. Amazing Kyoto on a day. Thank you Mike!!!