Day Trip around Mt. Fuji by Public Transportation

30000 每组(不含税)
最多 6 人

Culture、Nature、World Heritage

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Culture、Nature、Food & Drink

I’ll suggest most exciting spots to your favorites and interests, for example, a good unknown spot for cherry blossoms in spring or turned red leaves in autumn, an authentic tea ceremony at a historical tea house if you are interested in it and a best selected spot for a cat or owl café if you like it.
Please let me know your favorites and interests. I would suggest a most amazing plan for you.





Mt. Fuji with Five-story Pagoda

Mt. Fuji with Flowers

Ice Cave

Mt. Fuji with Lake Kawaguchi

Mt. Fuji with Turned Red Leaves

Traditional Clothes Museum


Mt. Fuji Fifth Station for the close view of it
a park for the Mt. Fuji view with a five-story pagoda and cherry blossoms in spring or a mountain (riding on a rope-way) for the view
Mt. Fuji Flower Festival in the late spring or a Mt. Fuji ice cave created by the eruption
Lake Kawaguchi for the Mt. Fuji view on a pleasure boat
Itchiku Kubota Kimono Museum famous for a big Mt. Fuji designed on kimono clothes
lunch near Lake Kawaguchi for grilled meat and vegetables on the plate cut of a lava field in Mt. Fuji


This is a day trip around Mt. Fuji which is one of World Heritage Sites and said to have the most beautiful figure in the world as an independent mountain. You can enjoy the scenery with many other sites around it in each season, taking public transportation.

You can enjoy the different Mt. Fuji scenery at each site, for example, with a five-story pagoda, a lake and a town, and in each season, for example, with cherry blossoms, fresh green leaves and turned red leaves. A lunch restaurant near Lake Kawaguchi has a unique way to cock. They grill meat on a plate cut of the lava field in front of guests and it's said to be very healthy as the extra fat of meat drops off through the holes in the plate.


包括在内 guiding fee and guide's transportation fee to the meeting point in Shinjuku from guide's home
不包括在内 transportation fee for sightseeing (guests and guide, within 10000 JPY each), lunch, dinner and entrance fee
导游服务地区 around Mt. Fuji
出发地区 in Shinjuku
集合地点 at JR Shinjuku Station
解散地点 at JR Shinjuku Station
所需时间 10
开始时间 08:30 AM (recommended)
人数 最多 6 人
价格 ¥ 30000 每组(不含税)
其他 You might need to see that the Mt. Fuji view depends on the weather and it's very changeable around it.