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magnificent view of Okhotsk Sea covered with drift ice

amazingly beautiful view from the top of Mt.Mokoto

reflexion of Mt.Meakan and Mt.Akanfuji on the lake water

Yamagara or Varied Tit is often coming to our home

Mt.Mashu is not high but very steep

You can learn a lot about their unique culture

How interesting it is to touch real drift ice in the exhibition room even in summer

Moyoro People used to live near the mouth of Abashiri River

Abashiri Prizon Museum has 8 national important cultural properties

Komakusa, queen of alpine plant, are so beautiful


Hello. My name is Hiroshi. I live in a small city named Abashiri, which is located in the eastern part of Hokkaido and close to Shiretoko National Park, which is also designated as World Natural Heritage Site. I used to be a high school English teacher and got a start as a tour guide after my retirement. Abashiri area has some unique museums on heNorthernPeoples(Northern Minorities such as Ainu, Uilta etc), "Ryuhyo" or drift ice and Abashiri Prizon. I'm sure you'll have a great time visiting those museums and touching some drift ice preserved in the cold exhibition rooms. In winter, the Okhotsk Sea is usually covered with drift ice and you can enjoy riding an icebreaking boat. I like hiking, birdwatching, nature walk etc,. I can take you to not only interesting museums in the city, but also to the places where you can enjoy natural beauty around Abashiri. I mainly give a small group of people such as family and friends tours in Abashir area, Shiretoko area, Kushiro area and Akan-Mashu area. Please contact me freely when you need to get some information about these areas. Thank you.


料金(¥/hour) ¥ 4000 ( 4 人まで ) (税別)
所要時間 6 ~ 10 hour
最大対応人数 6 人まで
含まれるもの Hotel Pick-up
含まれないもの Admission fees, Transportation fees ( car-rental fees, taxi fares ), onsen or hot springs fees, food and drink for the hike, etc.


超過した大人(¥/hour) ¥ 3000 (税別)
超過した子供(¥/hour) ¥ 2000 (税別)