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Culture、History & Architecture、Nature

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Great buddha in Kamakura, Kamakura, Kansgawa

Mt Koya, Koya, Wakayama

Himeji castle, Himeji, Hyogo

Color of art idland, Naoshima, Kagawa

Senso-ji Temple, Asakusa, Tokyo

Aoi matsuri festival, Kyoto city , Kyoto

Todai-jiTemple, Nara city, Nara

Go go guests in the bus

Biei, Hokkaido

Itsukushima shrine, Hiroshima


シカゴ(5年)、トロント(1年)、シンガポール(2年)、インドネシア(4年)、イギリスのバーミンガム(11年)に在住し社命により ビジネスプラットフォームを構築。日本企業での40年の雇用期間を終え現在退職。海外での豊富な業務経験と共に、様々な方法で大小のツアーグループの方々から ご満足を戴ける為のダイナミックな手腕をもつツアーガイドです。ツアーグループ皆様方との交流を自らも楽しみ、強力なプレゼン能力、コミュニケーション能力で ゲスト皆様の日本ツアーの大切な想い出作りをお手伝い致します。ツアー内容を向上するために、ツアースポット各地の情報を常に収集しています。2015年2月通訳案内士、2016年3月 旅程管理業務主任, 旅行業務取扱管理者の資格を得て、現在まで累計7,646名(2021年12月末現在)の海外からの観光客の方を主に関西方面を中心に 北海道、関東、中部、北陸、山陰、四国方面に ツアーご案内実績があります。                                                                           Lived in Chicago (5 years), Toronto (1 year), Singapore (2 years), Indonesia (4 years) and Birmingham, UK (11 years) to construct business platform, now retired after 40 years employment in Japan. Dynamic tour guide who develops many different ways along with rich experience overseas to entertain large or small tour groups. Enjoys the interaction with tour groups, very strong group presentation and communication skills, finds each guest question as an opportunity to learn anything new. Constantly learning information about each tour spot to enhance tours. Since licensed as a national tour guide in Feb 2015 and itinerary control manager, travel business handling manager in March 2016 by Federal Government (Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism) in Japan, had taken care of 7,646 foreign guests in total as of Dec 31, 2021, across all over Japan extended to primarily Kansai district, also Hokkaido, Kanto, Chubu, Hokuriku, San-In, Shikoku district.


料金(¥/hour) ¥ 3000 ( 10 人まで ) (税別)
所要時間 4 ~ 8 hour
最大対応人数 20 人まで
含まれるもの *Guide fee, hotel pick-up fee in Kansai district (Kansai = City of Osaka, Kyoto or Nara)
*Travel expense as required to travel with customers by means of public transportation such
as train, subway, bus. Travel expenses included are limited within Kansai district (Kansai
district = City of Osaka, Nara, Kyoto)
*Any admission ticket entitled free to a licensed national guide
*Meals , drinks or the like for the guide during the tour
*Any tax or the like as might be incurred by the guide in Japan
含まれないもの *Return train ticket from Kansai district (Kansai district = City of Osaka, Nara, Kyoto) to any cities
other than Kansai district
*Fees to cruise river or sea or the like.
*Admission tickets as might be incurred at public and/or private precinct.


超過した大人(¥/hour) ¥ 500 (税別)
超過した子供(¥/hour) ¥ 500 (税別)
Hotel Meet up(¥) ¥ 500 (税別)


( Manuel Marquez )

Wonderful tour, informative and fun with Masahisa (aka “Mike”)

Couldn’t have asked for more. Amazing Kyoto on a day. Thank you Mike!!!